Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is a Possible Stoning in Order? (of me)

Well, I'm willing to say that the following image/analysis needs very little explanation. I just think it's awesome. Undoubtedly a lot of my readers have already seen it.

Now, I could go into detail as to why girls are evil, but that probably would get me stoned. That, and I would also sound bitter, and I'm not. I would, however, like to say that this is a clever manipulation of a subject that I don't like (math) to prove something that isn't really mathematic. You know, manipulation is probably a word that I should use more often. It sounds so sinister. Sinister is also a good word, which is kind of synonymous with evil. Kind of like girls. Anyway, I'm done.

1 comment:

  1. What I never got was why girls equal time multiplied by money, and not just time plus money. As is said in the picture, "girls require time and money." But the word "and" usually implies addition, as far as mathematics go. But then the whole proof would fall apart, and there would be no mathematical evidence for "girls=evil." So manipulation was the right word, my friend.