Sunday, May 29, 2011

On Unemployment

Being unemployed has started to lose its charm for me, and the killer thing is that I've only been unemployed officially since the end of the school year in the Nebo district (which was only a couple days ago). The main problem with being unemployed is that I've recently realized that I live kind of an expensive life. Here I am, having moved into a new house (where the rent is substantially higher (but I wouldn't go back because this house is awesome!)) and going canyoneering every weekend (more or less). Also, I tend to want to spend money on expensive things. For example a trip to Havasupai that I really shouldn't be able to afford (but must go on). So, basically I find that I need to be employed in the very near future.

On that note, I've found that I'm a little picky about my employment. Actually, I'm not that picky. The only thing that I really require is not having to work on Sundays. Is that so much to ask? I personally don't think so. And, while I prefer not to work on Saturdays (because, I mean, come on!), I've decided that I'm even open to that. I just don't want to break the Sabbath. So, that being said, I'm looking for a job, for the record.

That being said, I'm at home now, and I have remembered, yet again, how much fun it is to chase cows on the four wheeler. Also, here's an amazing picture of me:
This is Captain Danger out.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On (My Own) Stupidity

I'm going to go ahead and make this something of a complaining post today, just to show that even Captain Danger doesn't always have perfect days. The Internets may not know that I am currently substitute teaching, trying to earn a living (it's not working too well). Well, yesterday I signed up for a job at Payson High School. I thought for sure that I double-checked that it was for today, so I took it. This morning I was awakened earlier than I had planned by a phone call asking me to do a different subbing job. I checked the computer before I turned it down, and I was certain that the one I had already signed up for was today. So, I said no to the job on the phone and commenced going down to Payson. When I was less than a mile from the school I got pulled over and got a speeding ticket. Apparently I'm not impervious to police. Dang. Anyway, when I got to the school and had hung around in the classroom for a little while, the teacher showed up and said that he was going to be gone on Friday. Not today. So, let's sum this up. I:
1. Drove to Payson, which took gas, anticipating that I would make money,
2. Got a speeding ticket, which probably would have taken all of the money I would have made, and
3. I didn't end up making any money and had to drive back, which also took gas.

So basically, if I were prone to depression (which, luckily, I'm not) I would probably be getting pretty close right now. However, as I'm not prone to depression and have an actual job interview for a teaching job this Friday, I'm doing fine, and now I get to spend my day watching Stargate Atlantis. The real downside of this is that I may not be able to buy my new canyoneering shoes today like I'd hoped, which sucks. I should probably figure out how much I'm having to pay for this speeding ticket. This is Captain Danger out.