Friday, April 23, 2010


So, my last post may have sounded a little bitter. Am I bitter? Definitely not. Bitterness is not in my repertoire of feelings. Disillusioned? I'm not entirely sure what that means in this context. Was I serious? No. In fact, in retrospect, I am all sorts of willing to concede that true love probably does exist. Does it exist for me? That's debatable. However, as I say that, keep in mind that I am most definitely not bitter. Anyway, while it is very likely that true love exists, I think that the true thing about that cartoon that I posted is that there are better things to be wished for than true love.

So, think about it. Sure, true love can be hard to come by, but it is possible to find it on your own. However, the things that the other guys wished for were nigh impossible to come by yourself. A star fighter? Superpowers? The barrel of money not so much, but work with me here. Given a choice to have one wish come true, and assuming that it can't be world peace or something similar, I would not wish for true love. I would hold out for that to happen to me naturally. No, I'm pretty sure I would wish to be able to teleport.

Now we get into the meat of this post. Teleportation is very possibly one of the coolest things ever imagined. Not teleporting with a machine, which, while it is cool, is inconvenient. The ability to simply be in one place and then suddenly disappear and appear somewhere else. I'm also talking about high-speed teleporting, such as the kind that Nightcrawler of the X-Men can do. I don't know if my readers have seen the beginning of X-Men II, but if they haven't it is pretty much the best part of the movie, and it shows just what a guy who can teleport is capable of, even if they are kind of scary looking, like Nightcrawler is. Yeah, I just watched it. Nightcrawler is most definitely the coolest of all the X-Men. And, what it doesn't show in that movie, but is apparent from my playing of Marvel video games, is that Nightcrawler is also very proficient with swords, something that makes him even more awesome. Anyway, not only can those powers be used to almost kill the president, should it be necessary (not saying anything about the current political situation), but they can also be used for good! Not only could they be used for good, they could also be used for AWESOME! I imagine all of the cool things that I could do if I could teleport like that, and it blows my mind. In fact, my mind is so blown that I can't give you any specific examples.

Also, if I were able to teleport, I'm pretty sure that it would make it easier to find true love on
my own. Take the movie Jumper. Granted, it's not the best movie ever made, but it was a much better movie for Hayden Christensen than Star Wars was. Anyway, part of that movie is him finding what is supposedly (granted, that's debatable) his true love. Maybe she isn't, maybe it's just lust, as it is in lots of movies. However, I think that his ability to teleport definitely allowed that to happen. His abilities certainly allowed him to save her life, along with his own and the lives of other jumpers around the world, by taking Samuel L. Jackson out of the picture. Anyway, I submit that if I had the ability to teleport, it would be so much easier to find my true love. In fact, I would probably be married right now and I wouldn't even be writing about this. However, if that were the case, I suppose you all wouldn't be able to experience the awesomeness that is my writing in this case. That being said, I wouldn't wish for true love at that wishing well. I would, as I have described, wish for my favorite superpower. The ability to teleport. I make an end.

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