Monday, September 27, 2010


As I sit here in my house at 7:32 am, waiting for it to be time to go to my weightlifting class, (that's right, I'll be ripped come December) my mind turned to what is the main reason for my weightlifting class, and what has become quite possibly my favorite pastime: canyoneering.

What is it you ask? In a word: awesome. In a few more words, I usually describe canyoneering as hiking through a slot canyon, but as slot canyons tend to offer a lot of obstacles, it usually consists of a lot more than hiking. Most of the time there is rappelling involved. There are usually things that you have to climb down, water to wade through/get over by being tricky and bracing yourself across the canyon walls, water to swim through, things to climb over, and all sorts of awesome stuff, not to mention the amazing things you get to see. Basically, take the coolest thing you've ever heard of and multiply it by 19. That might get you pretty close. It is the fact that I'm into canyoneering that gives me the ability to think when I walk around, "You know, Cliff, you're probably a lot cooler than most of the people around you." Note that I said most. I'm sure there are some people out there who make up for this deficit somehow, but I don't know how yet.

Anyway, that being said, I provide you with a few pictures, just to prove my point. This is Captain Danger out.


  1. Yessss!!!!! Awesomeness on a stick! Or maybe a rope ;)

  2. I took a weight lifting class once and it was awesome! Where are these pictures from? I went to Goblin Valley the other day and it pretty hardcore....I think you should go!