Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Doctors and Arms

Well, for those few who haven't heard, and those who have, it turns out that my arm has been broken for the past two weeks! (and then some) However, I went for two weeks without knowing, and in that two weeks, while I thought I just had a muscle injury, I did some pretty crazy crap to do with a broken arm, and I have to say, I'm pretty pleased with myself, more specifically, with my pain tolerance. Yeah, go ahead and break my arm! I'll still drag my fat butt out of one of the most intense canyons in Utah! I'll still play football, ultimate and racquetball! I'll still lift a whole bunch of heavy boxes at work! You can't stop me!

At any rate, now knowing that my arm is broken, I figured I probably should see that doctor, so I went up there early to make sure that I could get in to see him and make it to class, and guess what? The doctor was late. Excellent. So, I had to leave to make it to class (which I normally wouldn't have minded skipping, but it was a final) and I asked some nurses about what I should do, and they didn't seem concerned. The conversation went down something like this:

Cliff: So, I can't see a doctor right now, but, my arm is broken, is there something I should do about that?
Nurse: I don't know, does it hurt you much?
Cliff: A little.
Nurse: Well, uh, do you want some kind of support for it, like a sling?
Cliff: That would probably be good. (Thinking, "I don't know! You're the one with the medical training, you tell me!"

Anyway, so now I have sling, and I wear it most of the time, though I have to take it off to do things like type, play the guitar, do my job, and play Starcraft. Aside from that, though, I generally leave it on, and it's a huge relief to take it off. In the mean time, I think my arm is probably up to about 50% combat readiness (at least) but I haven't really tested it, now I know that the bone is broken, I figure I should be careful with it. That being said, I make an end.

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