Saturday, July 2, 2011

On Future Employment

I have come to an important decision for me: I have decided not to get a summer job. This choice was brought on by a couple realizations. First, and this is something that I've known for a while, getting a summer job would really suck. I became a teacher for a few reasons, and one of those reasons was so that I didn't have to work in the summer. Second, most of the jobs that wouldn't mind me just working for the summer would really suck. Things like sales (kill me) or call centers (kill me in a fire) and stuff like that. Third, even the sucky jobs don't seem to want me! I mean, what's the point of having an online application if you still expect the applicants to call you or come to your place and bother you? I think it's dumb. Finally, I have realized that, now that there is only a month and a half left until the beginning of the school year, there probably aren't any jobs that would be very excited about me coming on for a month and a half and then leaving. Thus, my decision.

Am I a little apprehensive about this decision? Not really. I think I can handle myself just fine on just a portion of the money I have in savings and be covered just fine. Also, having the summer off means that I'm more available to do awesome things! If anyone is doing something fun and they want me along, be sure to let me know! Odds are I'll be all over it.

That all being said, I make an end. I'll leave you with this picture of one of the most recent awesome things I've done.
This is Captain Danger out.

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