Thursday, April 11, 2013

On More Marriage

So, back from my long hiatus, I have chosen, once again, that I should deign to post on this blog. Will anyone really care? The odds are fairly low. Is there really a good reason? Well, my wife did indicate that we should start a blog (since we're going to be going to Korea sometime this summer and staying there for a year to teach English). I thought to myself, Hey, Captain Danger, you have a perfectly good blog already. You know, you really haven't done anything with that for months now. It is also a pretty awesome blog, as far as blogs go. I mean, what other blog finishes every post (with a few exceptions) with a picture of you? Yeah, that's about how that inner conversation went down. Yes, I do make parenthetical remarks to myself. In fact, parenthetical just became the word of the day. At any rate, here I am. Am I going to talk about anything? Maybe. You know what I've noticed? A lot of people think that they shouldn't get married because it will cramp their style and they won't do as many cool things. News flash: I'm pretty sure that I have done more cool things since I got married. Now I always have someone to do cool things with! My wife and I have been all over Utah doing cool stuff, be it canyoneering, climbing, river rafting, I was going to say "You name it," but that wouldn't really work, because odds are you'd name something pretty fast that we haven't done. However, the fact remains that we have done a lot of awesome stuff together, and this is just the beginning! Granted, I'm pretty sure that the rumor about kids cramping your style is probably true. That remains to be seen (In the future. The far-off future.). At any rate, I think that's about all I have to say today. I'll end this post in the usual manner.

This is Captain Danger out.


  1. Haha I have to agree with the sentiment on children cramping my style...but once they're old enough (say 18 months...depending on the maturity of the child of course) to do awesome things all will be well again!

  2. I do like reading your blog! So you should probably update more! And I don't think anything could cramp your style :P