Thursday, January 2, 2014

On 2013

So, another year has come and gone, and while I didn't do this last year, I did it the year before, and I don't know if anyone else liked it, but I did, so I'm doing it again! Here follows my 2013, one picture for each month. This is my blog, so it will be pictures of just me. If you want to see 2013 in review in pictures for me and Nancy, check out our blog. Here we go!


Turns out I don't have a lot of pictures of myself from January. This is a pretty good one, though.

Final rappel in Tierdrop Canyon (not really a canyon) in Arches National Park.

So I was reading a lot of Harry Dresden and I kind of let the duster
go to my head. I maintain that I look awesome.

An excellent trip through Choprock Canyon. If you want to see an excellent video from
this trip, check this out.

High Stemming in Pandora's Box Canyon. A couple hours after this, I broke my hand. It was
still an awesome day.

First picture of just me taken on Jeju. And I look awesome.

Daigo-ji five story pagoda in the rain. Kyoto, Japan.

Totally stoked to be canyoneering. Bangseonmun Valley.

Me with the mustached Buddha. Is this a little disrespectful? You know, it might be,
but I stand by it.

Highest mountain in South Korea? Most difficult trail on the mountain? Fog? Subzero
temperatures and freezing wind? Psh! I'll do it in a t-shirt.

Turns out this is the only photo of just me that I have from November. How about that?

The Great Wall at Mutianyu. And me on it. Pretty awesome.
Well, that took longer than I thought it would, but there you have it! That's my year in review, in photos of me! I'll end with one final picture of, you guessed it, me!

This is Captain Danger out.

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