Monday, March 9, 2009

Coolest Weapon EVER!

On your left is pictured Batman, one of my very favorite super heroes (next to Spiderman) with a weapon that only he could use: Chainsaw Nunchucks. I don't know if I've ever seen a weapon quite as awesome as this one. It is awesome for a few reasons.

First of all it includes chainsaws. Chainsaws are one of the coolest things ever invented. Who had the brains to think of that? "You see, it's a chain that spins, and it has blades on it!" Absolute genius. Chainsaws are very useful. I've cut my share of logs with them, and have found them to be very effective for that. However, as we've seen from video games and stupid horror movies, chainsaws can double as effective, albeit very messy, weapons in a pinch. The only problem is their limited range.

Second, nunchucks are amazing weapons as well. While not necessarily the safest weapon ever for the user, and not necessarily the most effective weapon against other weapons like swords or staves (see Wikipedia), they are still awesome, because I say they are. I happen to own a pair of jaguar nunchucks, and they are wicked cool. I would also say that I'm pretty skilled with them, even with the limited practice that I've had. One of the advantages of nunchucks is that they have a bit of a longer range than just hitting someone with a stick would have. You are also able to put more power behind them, because of leverage.

Thus, Batman has one of the ultimate weapons. It's two machines that consist of a rotating chain with blades on it attached to a motor that makes awesome noises that are attached to each other with a chain, giving more power in the swing. Skeptics may say, "You don't need more power! It's a chainsaw! It will cut through things without much force behind it, and putting too much force behind a chainsaw will probably just break it!" To the skeptics I say, "He's Batman! He knows what he's doing! You don't question Batman, he'll kick your butt! Especially if he has chainsaw nunchucks!"

Yes, that's correct. Coolest. Weapon. Ever, except perhaps for another weapon, which I may blog about later.

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