Monday, August 2, 2010

Six Strings to Greater Attractiveness

There was a time in the past when I was very jealous of those around me who could pull out a guitar and start strumming it. I've always been pretty confident in my voice, and many have told me that I sing well. However, for a very long time, after giving it a couple tries, I had decided that I was incapable of playing the guitar, since I have large fingers. Fat fingers, as I like to call them. However, after a large amount of practicing, I have developed a descent amount of skill. Nothing too amazing, but I can strum out several chords and I can string them together and sing while I play them. I continue to practice, and I consider myself an amateur at best. However, something that I noticed at least partially before I could play and something that I really notice now that I can play is the following: Women really like a guy who can play the guitar. I'm not sure what the allure is, and I'm not going to ask too much, but for some reason, they think it's amazing.

One situation that I keep on finding myself in (and enjoying) is when I mention that I play a little, and then the girl who I said it to asks, "Can you teach me how to play?" My reply? "Yes I can." Then, not only do I get to hang out with said woman for a little while, I also generally get a chance to show off, something that I thoroughly enjoy. Anyway, that being said, I leave the mystery to my readers. What is it that's so attractive about a guy who can play the guitar and sing? I conjecture that it may be the fact that in order to play the guitar, there has to be at least some of his time spent not playing video games. With that, I make an end.

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