Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On Music

What is it about some songs that just makes them empowering? I have recently noticed that about a few songs in my collection. I listen to them, and I suddenly feel more powerful (which is saying something!). I feel more able to take on the world and like nothing can stand in my way (which is generally true, but the songs help me remember it in times when I forget, for whatever reason). This is one such song:

If you don't like that song, I submit that you are probably a communist. Either that, or you have very different tastes in music from what I have, which probably also means that you are a communist. I have to thank my friend Matt for introducing me to that song and to the band Switchfoot in general.

The empowering effect of this song, and other songs like it (which include things such as Livin' On a Prayer by Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead of Alive, also by Bon Jovi, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey and many others) work best when the songs are played at full volume while driving in a car with the windows down. Try it sometime. You won't be disappointed. That being said, I leave you with the usual: an amazing picture of me.

Me riding in Anthony's car out of the sunroof. Don't worry, I used my enormous strength to stabilize myself.

This is Captain Danger out.

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  1. I feel the same way about certain songs. I agree with you on the Journey song. I also find Viva la Vida by Coldplay to be pretty compelling.