Friday, December 16, 2011

On Cooking

So, as I sit here in my kitchen, waiting for the potatoes to get soft in my amazing potato soup that I'm making (I can't take full credit, Clay told me how to make it), I'm thinking, "You know, I'm pretty good at this." It's true, I am pretty good at cooking. I don't do it a whole lot because the thought of cooking something elaborate for just myself is a little depressing. (Not that I'm saying that potato soup is particularly elaborate.) But, when I actually jump into it and start making something amazing (which is almost every time I cook) then I start having a pretty good time. The fact that I'm mixing things to create something that is most likely going to turn out delicious is pleasing to me, and though most of the food I cook does not tend to be very healthy, it is still delicious. Heck, there are very few things that are delicious that are healthy. That all being said, I'm afraid this has been kind of a lame post, and that I've used too many parentheses. So, I'll make an end, as usual, with an amazing picture of me:

This is Captain Danger out.

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  1. Don't worry, I always use parentheses when I'm writing. (Especially in my blog!) Haha!