Saturday, August 10, 2013

On Even More Marriage

Holy crap! I've been married for more than a year! Our anniversary was this past Thursday. I have to say, more things have happened in this past year than I expected. Here are a few things that have gone down in this past year. I'll try to get them in order.

1. I worked at a call center. Yeah. Not something I ever anticipated doing, but you do what you've gotta do.

2. Nancy had a really crappy teaching job. I've gotta say, it definitely does not make me want to work at a charter school. I'm sure there are good ones out there, but this one sucks.

3. I became a substitute teacher. Again. I really hope that I never have to do that again, and I think that if it comes down to it again, I'll come back to Korea rather than do more subbing. It was awesome to have Nancy supporting me through all of that, though!

4. We accepted a job teaching English in south Korea. It was a big decision, but I don't regret it. It's been awesome so far.

5. I broke yet another bone while canyoneering. This time it was in my hand. I should really stop doing that. Yesterday, like four months after the injury, I finally picked up a guitar for the first time and now my ring finger is handicapped. It will take some training to get it back to its former glory. Nancy was super helpful for all the time I had my hand in a cast. That's just another reason why being married is awesome.

6. We moved to South Korea. It's been an awesome experience! It's especially been really great because Nancy and I get to spend so much time together. We work in the same place and we live together and we go and do everything together. It's sweet.

Overall, I would sum up my first year of marriage in the words of one of my former bishops: "Being married doesn't stuck, does it?" He was right. It doesn't. It is, in fact, amazing. And with that, I'll bring this post to an end. This Is Captain Danger out.

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