Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bear with Swords for Fangs Driving a Dump Truck

It's hard to explain just what is awesome about this picture. Granted, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it is still amazing. First of all, how did that bear get swords for fangs? It doesn't make a lot of sense and is probably really convenient, but I'll bet they come in really handy in a fight. I'll bet he's learned how to bend his head back really far, and then he can take out the enemy bears really easy. Second of all, how did he get into that dump truck? I mean, I've discussed before how a bear can get into a taxi, but I'm not sure how he'd manage to get into a dump truck. They're a lot taller and there are substantially fewer fat delicious-looking guys in dump trucks. Plus, how is he managing to drive said dump truck? I don't think that bears really have the level of intelligence required to drive a dump truck. I mean, some bears a smart, especially black bears, which, according to Jim Halpert, are better than grizzly bears. However, this bear looks more like a grizzly than a black bear. That aside from that, I don't think that even a black bear could drive a dump truck. I'm don't know how to drive a dump truck, and while I'm pretty sure I could figure it out, it would be tricky and definitely much too tricky for a bear to drive. So, that's basically what I have to say about this picture. I think that this guy needs to be watched out for, then sedated, and then questioned, because it is definitely a highly suspicious situation. This is Cliff Chandler--out.


  1. My husband is a heavy equipment operator, who works with dump truck drivers on a daily basis. So, believe me when I say you are wrong on two fronts--FIRST, dump trucks are filled with yummy (to a bear, and very few others) fat guys. To quote the aforementioned hubby "AWWW--I hate having to drive truck. There is nothing to do but sit and wait, and eat your lunch before 10:00 because you're bored, and then eat snacks all day and feel your butt get fat!" So, actually if I was a hungry sword-toothed bear, dump trucks would definitely be a good hangout. SECOND--Since I personally know some of those guys, if they can drive a truck, your average bear should have NO problem. Yeah.

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