Monday, March 19, 2012

On Jobs

So, before you ask, or get excited, this post is not to announce that I got a teaching job. That's going to have to wait. Hopefully not too long, mind you, but it will have to wait. No, this post is announcing that I got a different job! One that I interviewed for and everything! Yeah, I had a job interview and didn't totally suck at it, and managed to get the job. I'm going to be a sports camp counselor this summer for BYU and it should be awesome, and also look good on my resume as something else I've done working with teenagers. You know, when I just typed the words "working with teenagers" I kind of started wondering where my life is going. Anyway, that's all I really had to say in this post. I'll end it, as is my wont, with an awesome picture of me.

Crushing a root beer can on my head. You know that's right. This is Captain Danger out.

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